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About Us

Dirty Ducks owner, Damon Carley

Dirty Ducks owner, Damon Carley

Dirty Ducks Duct Service is a family owned business that has been cleaning air ducts in Rockford, Illinois to the Beloit, Wisconsin area for 17 years. We started as a father and son team who were both former teachers in the stateline area. Initially, the duct cleaning business was a part time venture, but due to overwhelming demand, we turned it into our primary career very quickly. In 2014, we added one of our  most important assets into the company, that was hiring a third employee named Ayren. Ayren is on the job for 99% of all duct jobs and we couldn’t be prouder or happier to have him.

Since then we have never looked back. We have never felt the need to go into the heating and cooling part of the industry. We have aimed for the duct cleaning end of the business, and devoted our careers to providing the cleanest possible indoor air for our customers to breathe. We get enormous satisfaction in hearing feedback from our customers about how their indoor habitat has improved from our services.

Our specialties are air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning only! We handle any and all residential, commercial or industrial projects no matter the size or scope of the project.

While other duct cleaning businesses have come and gone, Dirty Ducks has stood the test of time. Also, while others use inferior equipment, we have invested wisely over the years to secure the most state of the art technology for the industry. I promise there is a large difference of outcomes between a company that has a $1,000 vacuum compared to a company that has a $50,000 vacuum. Please don’t be fold. I can say comfortably that I have seen many of our competitors using ineffective equipment. With our systems and technology, combined with our years of industry experience, we can clean your ducts at a level that is unbeatable by any of our competitors in the industry. Theres nothing worse than paying to get your ducts cleaned, and NOT GETTING THEM CLEAN!!!

A+ Rating Every Year We’ve Been With The Better Business Bureau

Before and After

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How Your System Got So Dirty

Learn why ductwork gets dirty and how to check your own system. Through normal occupation in a home/workplace we generate a great deal of contaminants and air pollutants (dander, dust, allergens, chemicals) which is pulled into the HVAC system and re-circulated 5-7 times a day on average; result there is a natural build-up of contaminants within the duct work over time. All these containments can cause an inefficient system and poor indoor air quality.

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